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News Media, please stop giving acts of terror the huge coverage they crave.

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I walked over Westminster bridge on the Friday after the recent London attack and people were going about their business. There were several places where flowers had been laid and I found myself moved by that in a quiet, private but shared way. In addition to this I passed around 7 TV news crews from various nations shooting pieces to camera. And this made me feel a bit nauseous. The 24 hour news media feeding off this incident to fill airtime.

The tone of the coverage is always somber condemnation but the extent of the coverage inadvertently validates the actions of the perpetrator. As such it encourages more people to sign up for so called Martyrdom. It's a simple equation. If you kill yourself taking other's lives with you and nobody puts it on the news, nobody hears about it. And if nobody hears about it you're not a martyr. You're just dead. Conversely the more news coverage the act receives the more people see it and the more it encourages others to follow.

Let's ask our news media to wise up, grow up, treat these acts with equal weight to other crimes, because crimes is what they are. And stop being complicit in feeding and inadvertently supporting so called terrorism.

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