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The UN’s climate report last October gave us a deadline of 12 years to have taken massive steps to cut our carbon emissions. One of the biggest challenges in doing so is how easy it is to forget or ignore the climate crisis.

We forget about it because we have busy lives, because other things like Brexit dominate the news, or because it is scary, and we stop looking. But with only 11 years left to have made the changes we desperately need, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore the climate emergency anymore.

That’s why we’re urging BBC News to take responsibility and provide adequate coverage of the climate crisis - by giving it a designated page on the BBC News website.

Right now, the website’s home page is split into nine different sections such as Business, Politics, Tech and Health. But even now, there is no proper section for Climate. The BBC has made great progress on how it has dealt with the climate crisis in the last year - but any climate news is still hidden away in the ‘Science’ section.

Billions of people visit the BBC news page each month, and last year 63% of people reading news online in the UK were reading BBC News.

If climate news had its own section, these huge numbers of people who see the homepage, could be reminded of the crisis we’re facing, and feel inspired to do something about it. 

The fact that we need to cut carbon emissions very fast is not a political opinion – it is a scientific fact. The BBC having a Climate page is in no way biased - it is part of their duty as a national broadcaster to serve the people of Britain. 

We are a group of young people asking for a simple change which could make a real impact - please sign and share!