More representation and understanding for those with autism and learning difficulties

More representation and understanding for those with autism and learning difficulties

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Started by Serena Oduka

In my opinion, I feel like that there is not enough accurate representation for females with autism and other learning difficulties (Like ADHD, dyslexia ). I feel like if there is a better representation and it could clear up so much confusion and misunderstanding surrounding them.

I would be happier if more people understood the problems and difficulties I and others faced. In today's society, television has an impact on our views. It would be so helpful if people could watch people like me and their struggles. This would be beneficial because when they met someone with autism or another learning difficulty they would have better education about it. It would help many feel less alone in the problems and difficulties they face daily.

For example, speaking from a personal point of view I have been misunderstood and discriminated against and it has made me feel extremely upset and if I'm to blame for my autism. Sometimes I wish it could go away but then I realize if there was better understanding around it and I could be more open about it I would feel better understood and people wouldn't feel awkward around me and not knowing how to treat me.
Better representation in TV and more education in schools and workplaces could help with this problem and reduce the confusion around this for example many people don't understand that autism is a spectrum. If you've met one person with autism that's all not all of us are the same we all have different difficulties.

I think if there was an education in PSHE about it. It would help students understand that girl in their class isn't weird just different. We have education on so many other things why can't people see why this is important. It would create a more accepting society and open adults minds as well since children would share the information with others. It's so important to create open-minded people. Teaching R.E in school will help people more tolerant to other religion which are different from theirs. The same would be achieved by teaching about learning disabilities.

I would greatly appreciate it if you signed. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share as well!

95 have signed. Let’s get to 100!