MC Devvo to represent the UK in Eurovision 2019

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All of the UK's entries to the Eurovision Song Contest in the past 20 years have been pretty shocking, to say the least. That's not to say that these people aren't talented - they've just lacked a certain wow factor that the delightfully camp competition demands.

MC Devvo has been charming audiences with his hilariously outrageous home grown raps for years, including such hits as "Crystal Meffin" and "Donny Soldier", and has managed to cultivate what I would describe as the most undeniably true essence of raw Britishness. His music is original, fun, and unique, and if entered into the Eurovision Song Contest, he would definitely be a microphone teaser; crowd pleaser; sweating like a beaver.

As the UK's relationship with Europe grows more and more sour due to certain political decisions, what we need in these trying times is a quintessentially British soul with real musical talent to propel us into the future, and show the world just how strong and independent a post-Brexit UK really is.