Involve Radio One with the UK selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

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Harold Eriksson
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The United Kingdom has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for decades, but it's been over two decades since the UK won and over a decade since the UK even managed a top five finish.
Enough is enough. As the contest head's into a new decade we, the UK Eurovision community, ask you, the BBC, to restore pride in our Country by taking a risk in 2020 and including BBC Radio 1 listeners in the search for a song for Eurovision.
We also ask the BBC to #BanTheBallad from the 2020 selection process, instead opting for a final list of contemporary music reflecting the diversity of the 4 Nations of the UK including Garage, Pop, House and Classical genres of music.
Holding song submissions involving BBC R1 via 'Radio 1's Sound of Europe' would be a great start, allowing young and exciting talent to compete for the chance to perform in front of over 200 million people. Moving Eurovision You Decide to Friday Night BBC One Prime-time would also be a great move, perhaps even holding the contest over two or more weeks (copying the ratings success of Melodifestivalen in Sweden by holding the semi-finals in Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and London and including an international jury to help decide our entry, since it is the continent which we have to impress).
These few moves alone could drastically improve the UK's chances at Eurovision during the 2020's. Proving the British music scene is a force to be reckoned with and also allowing the UK the opportunity to repair its damaged imagine on the continent through music. If the BBC are wise then they will not miss this opportunity to create an exciting competition, and hopefully a winner in the 2020's.

Thank you.