In solidarity with Bangladesh against Chhatra League, A student wing of the ruling party.

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This petition is regarding the distressing state of affairs in Bangladesh where several shocking human rights violations are allegedly taking place. On 29 July 2018, reckless and unlicenced bus drivers were racing on the streets of Dhaka. One of the buses lost control and crashed intoo some school children on the footpath.

 Following this incident, students in Dhaka started a peaceful protest demanding stricter road regulations in Bangladesh. The Government’s initial response was positive but noncomittal. The students decided to keep the protest alive until the laws were implemented. According to several ground reports, the actions remained PEACEFUL. Shockingly, as these protests were continued, the Bangladeshi police force, at the instigation of the members of the Chatro League, an active youth party associated with the government, used tear gas against the students and beat them brutally.

 Even more shocking, there are unverified reports from August 4th that female students were abducted and raped by members of the Chatro League. Local protestors also said on social media, that several students have disappeared, suspected murdered. There has been no media coverage of these horrific events due to governmental pressure and no accountability has been demanded from the government. There was also a social media blackout in the wake of the crackdown.

 It is disturbing that such oppression is being perpetrated in a civil society by the government. The current state of affairs in Bangladesh is one where the state apparatus seems to pose the biggest law and order threat to the civilian population. It is necessary for the world to know the plight of students in Bangladesh. This petition is a call for the Indian government and its people to stand in solidarity with the students of Bangladesh and put international pressure on the Bangladesh government to restore peace in the country. It is further necessary that non governmental organizations focusing on human rights take cognizance of the situation in Bangladesh and intervene. The Government of Bangladesh is completely silent.

 We, the students of OP Jindal Global University stand with the students protesting against the Government and facing brutal repurcussions. This petition will be sent to the Indian government. We request you to sign and forward this petition to students across India to show united solidarity

> Some Photos and Videos provided by students in Bangladesh : - Students getting Harassed    fbid=1923659651025057&set=pcb.1923661887691500&type=3&theater  - Student Injured 

Video of the outburst in Bangladesh

> Link to the petition filed by general people of Bangladesh is as follows :