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improve production output for Doctor Who TV show

fans deserve more episodes; it is the BBC's flagship show after all..

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Dear BBC,
along with many other fans (on various fansites, messageboards and threads) I feel completely underwhelmed at the announcement for the next doctor series airing in easter. The announcement of only a single 1 hour episode to celebrate the aniversary confounds this further. We are basically getting the remainder of last year's series with one extra episode (or 2 including the christmas special) for the whole of 2013....we deserve so much more!!!

We have had to wait nine months for Series 7; we waited and got a mere 5 episodes.
We were promised a big year ahead with the 50th aniversary - we are getting a 60 minute special.
Do the BBC have no money or is show-runner Steven Moffat running out of ideas.
Not happy at the lack of production the BBC's flagshow drama is receiving.
thanks omar Hussain

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