Help stop the BBC from manipulating its viewers in its electoral coverage.

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You are being manipulated.

The BBC is arguably Britain's most sought after news outlet in the eyes of the Great British Public and so information distributed via their TV and Radio Broadcasts is largely taken to be reliable and trustworthy.

Today, Jeremy Corbyn failed to remember the cost of free child care and this was their lead story on BBC News at Ten. They have failed to point out that The Conservative Party do not actually have any costings to any of their policies and if Theresa May were to be asked the same question (which she won't due to bias), she would be in exactly the same position, if not a worse position; she would not be able to reach for an iPad or a manifesto for reference like Jeremy Corbyn did.  Instead they ran a followup story about the Conservatives where the storyline was that 'The Conservatives believe they will deliver a strong and stable Brexit' and that 'The Conservatives are certain that Jeremy Corbyn is not up to the job'. 

This is just one of many cases; another has probably happened since I wrote this, once you see it you will not un-see it.  It is morally wrong that such a trusted organisation is influencing mass votes, especially when many of those votes will leave the voters in a worse position. 


They are now refusing to play Captain Ska's Liar Liar, which is number 3 in the charts, a choice made by the British Public.

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