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BBC: Give scientists proper representation on Question Time

Since the last general election, scientists have been less well-represented on BBC Question time than reality TV show contestants. Nigel Farage of UKIP - a party without an MP - has appeared on the show four times more often than all scientists put together. Important debates on climate change have been conducted with denialists such as Melanie Phillips, Nigel Lawson and James Delingpole, without a single climate scientist given an opportunity to contribute. Debates on drug policy have been held between comedians and columnists, without a single medical expert present.

It's time to end this bias. Please, Question Time producers, demonstrate that you're interested in serious debate and put people with real scientific expertise on your show. 

Letter to
Producers BBC Question Time
Scientists have appeared less often on your program in recent years than reality TV contestants. Please give them proper representation on your show.