Get BBC to show Cowspiracy and Earthlings.

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The UK recently declared a climate emergency and this year temperatures have been frighteningly high. We've been warned that we might have as little as 18 months to save the planet. Still, it doesn't look like much is being done beyond talking about it.

Switching to a plant based diet is the best way to cut carbon emissions and the best two documentaries highlighting links between the consumption of animals and the environment are Cowspiracy and Earthlings. 

These documentaries are freely available online, but they're usually watched by people who are already considering a plant based diet. We propose that we pressure the BBC into showing both programmes, in the hope that viewers will make an informed choice to make personal changes and save our planet. 

It's time we stopped sharing our views with people who already agree with us and work towards reaching a wider audience of people who may not know how big a difference a change in their diet would make to the overall health and survival of our planet. 

Without climate action, there is no future for any of us. We HAVE to find a way to encourage the masses into action.