Freedom for Uyghur Muslims!

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A modern day holocaust is taking place at this very minute and nobody is doing anything about it! Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being taken to camps without a trial only to never be heard from again.
          The Chinese government is trying to wipe away the Muslim population in China! Muslims are being forced to abandon Islam by using unethical methods. They have snatched away religious freedom and brainwashing adults, children to not have any knowledge about Islam. 
           The Chinese government claim of no such charge when the people held aren’t even given basic necessities needed. Women are forced to shave their head and banned from wearing hijabs as as acts of humiliation. They are forcing them to eat pork and drink alcohol against their will. They are electrocuting them with high voltage. This injustice and blatant holocaust cannot carry on! 
             It is disgusting and outrageous that no one is talking about it or making a change! Over 3 MILLION Muslims have been killed and the rate is rising as days go by but yet we as a country are not helping even in the slightest. We have all remembered the holocaust of Jews so why can’t we take recognition of the Muslims being tortured! We need to speak up! We need to show people! And we need to raise awareness!!! 

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