Fire Dan Johnson from the BBC

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Whilst it's greatly appreciated that the BBC have admitted to their responsibility in the mistreatment of Cliff Richard, more work needs to be done to achieve full retribution. A reporter for the BBC named Dan Johnson (North of England Correspondent) was instrumental in the coverage of Cliff Richard's raid by the South Yorkshire Police.

Whilst most of the BBC has apologized for the coverage which took place, this man stands by his actions and has treated Sir Cliff in some of the most character-damaging ways seen. From calling him a 'celebrity paedo', to orchestrating the helicopter footage of his home and dubbing the whole coverage 'a great day's work', to maintaining a Twitter bio which quotes author George Orwell - "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations" clearly demonstrating this man's lack of remorse for the severe damage inflicted upon Cliff Richard and contradicting his statement that he felt sorry for the distress this report inflicted on him, it is quite clear that this man had no regards for Sir Cliff's well being, nor in understanding the validity to the claims about Cliff Richard, but rather used his own preconceived opinions to present a supposedly factual case to the public.

As a result of this inexcusable behavior and questionable tendencies to provide the untampered truth, it is clear that Dan Johnson should absolutely be removed from his position and disposed of immediately. The BBC may be this country's state broadcaster, but it surely cannot stand by and allow unreliable journalists who lace their own prejudices into the facts they present to the general public. Furthermore, failure to deal with this crooked journalist in the next 3 weeks should lead to an absolute boycott of the BBC News; and if an additional month passes by with no change, a boycott of all BBC material should be enacted by those following the petition. This will force the BBC to recognize that we will not accept any kind of information from a company spreading false, even slanderous, information about matters and manipulating the public's minds.

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