Extend paternity leave for fathers

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Having had my first baby, I realised just how quickly time went by. 2 weeks on I am now at home alone taking care of my little and my husband is back at work. In the first 2 weeks you are just about establishing a routine, getting to know your little one and for some experiencing the ups and downs of baby blues or PND. It's unfair that our partners are snatched up so quickly and told to get back to work. 

This petition isn't about women not being able to look after their new borns on their own, it's about the pressure fathers have to return back to work given that the government are only paying statutory pay.

As great as shared parental leave is, it is not for everyone. It takes a massive toll financially and due to this, is why fathers HAVE to return to work.

I'm petitioning to have the government change the way they pay fathers for paternity leave and the duration. 

Every father should be entitled to at least 4 weeks at full pay with their new baby. The government needs to understand that it took two people to make the baby not just one.