Drop the BBC from picking the UK Entry for 2020

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After the UK’s disastrous placing in Tel Aviv yesterday, I am asking for the BBC to be dropped from having any impact or decision into picking our entry next year in the Netherlands.

It is very clear that in the hands of the BBC that they are incapable of picking the right performer, the right song, and keep hosting amateur and very bad National Finals that don’t have no substance, as we keep having very mediocre songs from 6 artists that don’t have a chance of placing highly on the night of the finals.

So my hope is that the right broadcaster who loves and appreciates the Eurovision, and who would love to be able to pick the perfect song for the UK, should be placed instead of the BBC, as the UK’s broadcaster and that with better judgement, better decision making, and a song that will make Europe see the UK as a serious contender, that Next year we can improve our score, and hopefully see glory instead of embarrassment. 

Thank you so much.