Environment News to be a Regular Feature

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Environment News to be heard as a regular feature (on radio)

We need to be hearing more. Sure, our environment is getting plenty of coverage online, but in daily newscasts updates are scarce. This petition highlights the need for a regular Environment News slot on radio: bitesize chunks of information on what we can all do, and what’s being done by others.

One of the most pressing issues facing our planet today is climate change. The following outlines one basic suggestion that a more regular Environment News feature could be heard on key British (notably BBC) radio stations, spreading vital information and insight, elevating the topic within our everyday lives.

An idea which requires minimal intervention:

This idea is a starting point – an example of the format this feature could take.

Throughout the day, we are kept abreast of Weather & Sport News updates, typically after the hourly headlines. At a time when our environment needs as much media coverage as possible, the same style of regular slot could be employed for an Environment News broadcast. As just one solution, why not alternate the Sport and Environment broadcast each hour?

At this stage, I'm presenting this basic proposal and looking for numbers to take to the BBC / OFCOM, to show that there is public appetite for such a slot: that we want to be kept updated, more frequently, of climate change related news and of innovations in the everyday roles we ourselves can play.

From global updates, to everyday lifestyle, dietary, recycling and campaign information – no matter how insignificant the information may seem. We need to be told that our yogurt pots won't be recycled if we don't remove the foil; that we shouldn't let our engines idle whilst our cars are stationary; that cleaning dusty fridge coils can increase energy consumption by 30 percent; that cutting down on (or cutting out) meat will make a huge impact...

Why is this important?

This idea is merely a starting point: an idea that simply alters an existing structural feature of news broadcasts. Whether it takes an hourly / bi-hourly form or not is beside the point: the intention is to integrate environmental news into our daily lives, generating demand for more frequent updates from our policy makers. Every step counts.

In UK news the topic of Brexit has dominated headlines for many months. This has distracted from the fact that a turning point has been passed, that we must all now come together to act, to save our Earth for future generations. The window for action is quickly closing: we must grab hold of our rising global average temperature. We must know what decisions are being taken from UK leaders (and around the world) and how on-target we are for achieving the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.

This would be a simple step in raising awareness: Environment News (like Sport News currently) heard throughout the day will dramatically increase public engagement and elevate the topic within daily lives. Currently, one has to actively research independently to grasp the range of issues facing our planet as a result of climate change: this should not be the case.


Note: this petition is aimed at British radio simply because the petition was instigated in the UK and it's more manageable to gauge response in the country of origin. The BBC are mentioned because BBC radio is the most widespread throughout the UK. OFCOM has been mentioned because they oversee radio in the UK. Their aims include 'ensuring the radio spectrum is used in the most effective way' and that 'a range of companies provide quality radio programmes that appeal to diverse audiences'.

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