END the media silence on Kashmiri deaths and human rights violations

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END the media silence on Kashmiri deaths and human rights violations

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Kashmir has been occupied since 1947 and its people have been suffering human rights abuses since then. 

Currently they are under army lockdown, which has been in place for the last three days, with 100s blinded from pellet bullets shot in their eyes. 30 people have been killed so far, including women and children, with victims mounting. Among those killed was Asif Ahmad Bhat, a 13-year-old boy shot on Sunday night.

Despite these horrific mutilations and killings the international media has been silent. Including the UK which has a large kashmiri diaspora population. We demand these deaths are given the same importance as the lives lost in Orlando, Paris, and Berlin.

We call on the BBC and News Corp to cover the human rights violations taking place.

"At least 300 have been injured in the fighting, amid reports that a new tactic of firing Israeli-style metal pellets has blinded dozens of demonstrators.

“We have received more than 100 patients in just two days with pellet injuries to their eyes - we’ve never received so many patients at once," said a Srinigar doctor, who is not being named for his own safety.

"They are potentially blinded. The prognosis is very bleak. More than 95 per cent of these patients have multiple pellet injuries, dozens of pellets inside their bodies. It’s extremely damaging - devastating - to the human body.”




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