Can we move forward in NI while The Stephen Nolan Show exists?

Can we move forward in NI while The Stephen Nolan Show exists?

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Started by Michael McDonald

For over a decade the self titled 'Biggest Show in the Country' The Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster has been responsible for dangerously raising sectarian tensions in a post conflict society.

Lets get along to move along, please. This toxic programme will use every opportunity to raise and heighten sectarianism at a time when we should be celebrating 25 Years of peace.

The BBC NI Nolan Show even now under its various guises continues to divide communities and brings its agenda into question.

It appears that editorial policy either at behest of the presenter Stephen Nolan or the programme producers, is to regularly platform agitators to provoke a reaction from the local population for nothing more than TV and Radio ratings.

Regular 'contributors' to the platform can be relied upon to cause upmost angst and distress to any given news story with a predictable Unionist or Nationalist twist.

The presenter will often guide the discussion down a particular path to achieve maximum response from Protestant and Catholic callers before issuing a deniability defence to distance his rhetoric from personal or editorial accountability. 

A recent petition (not dissimilar) was closed down and the petition author was sued by Mr Nolan. To be clear, I'm not a troll and I signed that petition. As did 25,000 other Radio Ulster listeners. I'm not asking for your support under cover of anonymity. 

I'm asking you to support me in highlighting the toxic relationship these TV and Radio programmes have in influencing everyday society in Northern Ireland.

Together we can send a message to the BBC NI editorial team that this type of broadcasting, a type that pits Protestantism against Catholicism is wrong and unethical given the wounds we are all carrying.

Our BBC was based on these principles by Lord Reith - Inform, Educate and Entertain.  Not Antagonise, Patronise, Inflame.

Thank you. Please sign and share.


3,145 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!