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Mark El-Kadhi
Totnes, ENG, United Kingdom

Jul 17, 2014 — Please folks, let's follow our hearts and act using logic.

We are all deeply saddened by the ongoing slaughter in Palestine. The murder by shelling of children playing on a beach in Gaza is a horrific low point, among a terrible assortment of the worst humanity is capable of doing to itself.

What can we do? Leave it to those at the top of symbolic organisations like PSC to decide the best thing on our behalf?

I was a union rep in a large FE college a few years ago and I found this out v quickly: "No specific demands = No hope of improvement". I was co-branch secretary of the teachers' union. Had never been involved in a union previously. 

Management were bringing in draconian 'reforms' (badly affectimg students and staff) and I learnt within a few weeks that cosy chats with management, emotional speeches at meetings etc achieve ZERO.  

Worse than achieving nothing, a blunt-headed emotional-laden but practical-result-empty approach can capture the passion and energy of protesters who have put their faith in the group leadership, but takes it down a blind alley and throws it in the swamp where it sinks. Betrayal at best.  

What is needed in any dispute is a specific list of demands formed by, shared with and fully supported by the rank and file of protesters - NOT, as PSC have said they are having, "behind the scenes" discussions with BBC. And without specifc demands because "if the BBC say no, we'll look silly".  

Feeble and useless, however emotionally expressed, and however real their commitment.

PSC have now disabled any comments I can make on their FB page calling for the need for specific demands to be made: what a democratic move that is eh?

All the passion and humanity that has been shown by protesters (again and again and again) will come to nothing (again) if results are not achieved, and the only way to get results is to:
A) Agree what results are needed (eg proposed draft demands in earlier 'News' update below)
B) Share and build support for this list of demands
C) Put the demands to BBC and place them at the forefront of all demonstrations.

PSC will undoubtedly drive the massive popular support for Palestine into the swamp with a purely emotional/angry letter approach.

You want that to happen? Of course not. Ive been disabled from making the point on their FB page, so please ...

Please contact them and argue that with tens of thousands outside BBC studios up and down the country there has never been (maybe never will be?) a better time to make specific demands.
Call them: 43 (0)20 7700 6192; 
Email: (pls cc me ans report any other contact); 
COMMENT ON FB: Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War Coalition.  

Finally, you really must must watch and share this fantastic video of a convoy and protest outside BBC Manchester, put to some excellent music and edited brilliantly - how do they do the soaring high shots?

Brought tears to my eyes that a group of young friends organised this show of unity and peaceful strength for the love of fellow humans being oppressed and murdered in Palestine. Enjoy.

Keep fighting for people power!

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