Demand an official apology from BBC and Jill Weaver 強力要求BBC和Jill Weaver向台灣政府跟人民道歉

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On the 26th of March, 2020, BBC East Midland reported a British national being quarantined in Taiwan under inhuman condition, based on the Brito’s mother’s complaint. The Brito’s mother, Jill Weaver, claimed the Taiwanese government ’separated her daughter from her boyfriend, and locked them up’ in a prison-like centre. 

2020年3月26日,BBC報導了一則關於一個英國公民和她的澳籍男友在台灣被強制隔離的新聞。這篇報導的出處來自於這位英國公民的母親,Jill Weaver。Jill Weaver向BBC投訴她的女兒在台灣受到非人道的對待:包括被迫和男友分開住,還有隔離中心像監獄的等等指控。

Upon the news reached Taiwan, Taiwanese government released photos of the Brito’s accommodation, which was well-equipped and spacious. Furthermore, the Taiwanese government explained that they originally offered quarantined hotel rooms to the Brito and her boyfriend, but the pairs cannot afford the fee. Hence the government helped the couple to find temporary accommodation for the compulsory 14 days quarantine period, along with 3 meal delivery per day. This costs the couple less than £7 each per day. 


Unfortunately, the BBC failed to investigate thoroughly before release the news, which was based on Jill Weaver’s single story. After sparking anger from the Taiwanese people, instead of issuing an apology, the BBC decided to remove the post online and delete all comments protesting the false claim. 

令人遺憾的是,BBC在發布片面資訊之前,並沒有查證,整篇報導都基於Jill Weaver的片面之詞。在引起台灣人民憤怒之後,BBC刪除了相關報導和網友在官方臉書的留言。

The invalidated news portrayed Taiwan badly, despite the Taiwanese government doing everything they can to prevent COVID-19 spread, and the couple were not mistreated. 


I am starting a petition to demand an apology from BBC East Midland and Jill Weaver, for inventing stories and made up lies, even worst, after being proven wrong, BBC had no intention to put an update, instead, removing the article and comments. BBC in this instance has failed the duty of a newsagent. I urge you signing  the petition and demand an apology from BBC and Jill Weaver. 

我在此成立這個連署,要求BBC跟Jill Weaver對捏造新聞道歉。不僅如此,儘管種種證據證實BBC發布不實報導,BBC確沒有為誤導讀者的道歉的意思,而是直接把報導跟網友的評論刪除。BBC並沒有作為一家新聞媒體的社會責任。本人在此呼籲大家簽署這份連署活動,要求BBC跟Jill Weaver到他們的行為ㄉㄠˋㄑ