Control the BBC license fee

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As I'm sure you've seen by now, the BBC has revealed a list of the highest paid workers in the BBC. These numbers are astronomical, and are a mockery of the license fee. For instance, Chris Evans has a radio show and makes 2.5 million or Gary Barlow who was on one series of a 'talent search' made £250000.  

Further more, our license fees are being used to fund sub par programs. An example of this is 'Let it shine'. Our license fee went towards helping cast people in a play produced by Gary Barlow, who will reap the benefits and not pay any tax on said benefits. Budgets of shows like Doctor Who (which provides huge merchandising incomes) have been cut and cut again to make way for rubbish like this. 

It has become far too left wing for an 'unbiased' news corp to the point that white cvs are being turned away, and white tories are not allowed on (someone tried many times, and only got accepted when he changed it to a brown labour voter)

(the full list is available here )

One idea is that we gain the ability to choose what we'd like to fund. We can watch those programs we pay for. 

Another idea is that certain BBC 'talent' receive a pay cut (i.e. Chris Evans).

A final idea is that we get to choose which shows are greenlit (put forward to be made). I'm sure 'Let it shine' would have been more comfortable on ITV, the home of 'talent' shows. This way, they can focus on producing high quality shows that are worth the money.