Change your outlook on Eurovision or hand it over to ITV!

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Since 2003, British Eurovision fans have had to endorse humiliation nearly every year because of the lack of seriousness the BBC puts into it. There have been good years such as 2009, 2011 and 2017, but every year other than those 3 years, the UK has always been in the bottom 10. The BBC seriously needs to change its selection method and its attitude towards Eurovision, as this is becoming a complete and utter joke! We have one of the most successful music industries in the world, with many professional artists, and yet we send mediocre songs that very rarely chart in the UK alone. The BBC should go back to the method used in 2011 when they chose top-charting boyband Blue. They need to engage with successful musicians (not necessarily the UK's best artists), maybe artists that are only big stars in the UK alone and not worldwide! 


The BBC really need to take a look at what successful Eurovision countries are doing! This has got to stop NOW, British Eurovision fans have had it with the constant humiliation. Although there was a national selection, the BBC offered the British public very 'average' and 'uninspired' songs. I must also mention that the UK is the only country that holds a national selection that doesn't release the full results of the national selection (which is extremely poor). Simply search for better songwriters/musicians that would translate with the rest of Europe and get the UK back to the top of the scoreboard, or else hand it over to ITV, as they take their entertainment shows far more seriously than the BBC.

This must correlate for next year because, at this stage, enough is enough!

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