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Change the Narrative - AFRICA

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Why should many Africans, myself included, feel so strongly about how Africa is being portrayed in western media? We - Africans, especially those living abroad, fret about the perception of our continent and its inhabitants because our future depend on the opinions of those in whose country we reside.

I have been following a series of programs including the BBC's most watched videos of the year 2017 but to my surprise, most of these videos were showing impressions of intimidation, human sufferings, human rights abuses, conflicts, witch dances extra extra. Don't we have even a single positive story that positively impacted the world from Africa? Or, do the journalists who represent our views, only submit stories of bias to their respective media houses? I feel betrayed but I think I am not the only either.

For instance, most Nigerian workers living abroad hide their passports at work because of the negative perceptions created by the country's notorious e-scammers. Also, many African professionals in Europe are exhaustively being underestimated in their workplaces because of assumptions that they completely originate from poor backgrounds. A Ugandan, Nigerian or Zambian University graduate working in Europe is most likely to first overwork or outperform to be accorded some respect at work. Each major news material presenting Africa in a western world is negative and it is viewed by other folks in such a way that destroys African name.

As we commence 2018, I believe every African can make an impact, we can change the narrative about our continent.

I am proudly African!

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