Censure BBC for their biased coverage of PRAYAGRAJ getting its original name.

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Emperor Akbar changed the name of PRAYAGRAJ, one of the most ancient cities in the world and holiest of places for the Hindus to Allahabad in 1584 AD. The present BJP government in Uttar Pradesh changed the name back to Prayagraj in view of the long-standing demand by the people of India. The local BBC reporter in Prayagraj uploaded a video on the Channel's website supposedly to take the reactions of the local population on the change. However, the program was made with an intention to rubbish the decision as well as the Hindu sentiment attached to it. Nearly all the main speakers invited to speak belonged to the main opposition party Indian National Congress who criticized the change and the program ended up giving an opinion that the residents of Prayagraj are not happy with the change. This was a biased and intentional move and the viewers are disgusted with the video. This petition aims at censuring the program and the Channel, especially as BBC has been regularly found to be Indophobic. Please read my Facebook post on the issue.