Caroline Aherne Tribute Show

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2016. What a year. We lost far too many amazing talents in the entertainment industry. One of the biggest losses has got to be the loss of comedy genius Caroline Aherne. The world really is a poorer place without her. What a massive loss to British Comedy. 

Only the other night Caroline's magnificent writing, acting and directing took us on an emotional rollercoaster where we laughed and cried in the space of minutes whilst watching the Queen of Sheba episode of the Royle Family. A very special talent indeed. Within seconds of the episode being aired, there were messages of appreciation and outpourings of grief all over social media. 

We are so grateful that we were able to enjoy this masterpiece again, but Caroline is so much more than just that one episode. She managed to brighten the days of so many people, irrespective of age or gender, with creations such as the Fast Show, Mrs Merton (which was so unique at the time!), Mrs Merton and Malcolm and of course all the other Royle Family episodes and more recently her commentary on Gogglebox. 

That's why we feel she needs a tribute show where her colleagues and friends can celebrate her life and share her work with us. She has left a legacy which will live on forever. Who doesn't look forward to watching old episodes of the Royle Family Christmas specials every Christmas? Perhaps more than ever now, knowing that we won't get any more.

We want to thank her for making us laugh when times were tough and there is no better way to do so than by giving Caroline Aherne her own tribute show.