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Bring back BBC radio 1 vintage and make it a permanent DAB radio station

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The BBC radio 1 vintage digital radio channel That was set up to celebrate 50 years of radio 1 was a brilliant idea and many people on social media really enjoyed it. 

It's allowed people to relive their younger years with a mix of music from the past 50 years,and putting us in an uplifting happy mood.

It also allowed today's youth to see where today's station and music has came from and in a way provided them an education,and perhaps encouraging people to research music history and keeping it alive. Education information and entertainment is part of what the BBC is all about.

The BBC has a vast archive of music built over the years and I bet some of it has not been played for years. Imagine a radio 1 vintage listener hearing a song or show they have not heard for years. From my experience it's a fantastic feeling filling you with happiness. Who wouldn't want that.

There are a number of people who are finding themselves becoming too old for radio 1, mostly due to the music no longer being relatable or aimed at them. Yet these people may find that they are too young for radio 2. I think you could capture that audience as well as others by providing this service 

So come on BBC let's make this happen and continue to entertain and inform the nation and the world. 

Make us all happy, bring BBC radio 1 vintage  back and make it permanent.

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