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Break the silence of Stillbirth

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My baby died and if that isn't hard enough, I'm also ostracised by society, professionals, friends and family. This isn't their fault, this is due to the fact that there is no understanding or awareness about how to deal with stillbirth in society -in the year 2016! Stillbirth awareness is 30 years behind cancer awareness and we have some serious catching up to do. This film that raises awareness about stillbirth, was refused to be screened by the BBC as it was deemed 'too upsetting'. It is currently being screened in Cinemas all over the UK. Some Cinemas have refused to air it as -'who wants to see that?'. Try living and breathing it every second of everyday, choose not to dip your toe into living in my shoes and countless others by ignoring this. But this will continue to happen, to thousands of families until change happens . I'm not asking for your sympathy, just empathy and if you can't offer that, then at least sign the petition to make a difference, raise awareness and understanding . If you want to support through twitter RT @StillLovedDoc #babylossdebate #stillbirthbreakthesilence #screenthedocumentary @BigBuddhaFilms @bbc

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