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BBC Release Only Fools and Horses Complete Box Set UNCUT!

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Being Britain's most loved sitcom, we feel that we should be able to watch Only Fools and Horses in it's original broadcast length with all the original scenes intact. With it now getting harder and harder to find these uncut, I felt it necessary to create this petition to be able to hopefully show the BBC how much this show is loved by Britain and to show them the persistence of the fans who want the uncut collection to add to their DVD or digital collection.

The legend that is John Sullivan wrote and filmed all these scenes that are now butchered and thrown away from today's broadcasts and DVD releases. We deserve to see these classic scenes uncut and fully intact on a physical and digital release for the loyal fans of this great show so people have more scenes and lines to add to their favorites.

Many episodes like Jolly Boy's Outing, Tea for Three and Miami Twice to name a few have so many scenes and lines missing that it loses minutes of the episodes.

I don't know what will happen to A Royal Flush as this is a unique case due to it being edited by John Sullivan personally, as he didn't like the portrayal of Del Boy and the BBC would like to respect John's wishes.

Please sign this petition, the more chance we have of getting a complete, uncut box set of this brilliant show from the BBC. Please sign this and hopefully one day, they will see what their long time fans want and release this to us.

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