BBC Countryfile: for FOX sake don't promote the Pytchley Hunt!

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Brian Edward
4 years ago
I have my own issues with them but I sign to make you aware!

Where are the leading Fox hunting ban l Hero's?

I'll tell you NOWHERE IN ACTION!They have never was against hunting neither are her Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs & Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee of lies & their ever begging R$PCA Who let it happen cause they are involved more than u all think.
Note everything in the extra added
R$PCA link below is a LIE!

Oh well..
Who wants to work for a non profit charity that obviously make a huge TORY FUNDED PROFIT! still keep donating R$PCA

They clearly need donations after u look at their wages 

Hmm is it fair that the rich get to play pooper?

The police are just as corrupt & have their priorities twisted..
500.000 pedophiles police do nothing BUT ARE HAPPY to find time to steal dogs & falsely arrest people BEING THE MORONS they are!

Police priorities & big news

Police assist priorities..
Police want neighbors to divide & make more work away from real crimes

Yet police can steal drugs from work to put on our streets

Breach codes of practice, awa, human rights, commit theft & tresspass police perjury & lie under oath to help their prototypes the R$PCA in their long standing agreement to assist in stealing & prosecuting the public with next to no evidence

In detail my own case

Follow our colourful endeavors..

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Yvonne Day
4 years ago
Ban hunting completely.
The ban has been blatantly ignored since it was introduced, and hunts continue to trample the countryside, spilling dangerously onto roads, endangering hounds' lives, and peoples' lives, "accidentally" running into people's gardens, (even a hospice grounds recently) to terrorise foxes, until the hounds RIP them to pieces, under the PRETENCE of "trail" hunting.
Also another incident of a cat who had its face ripped open.
Now, an outbreak of Bovine TB where hounds have had to be destroyed, (and the strangely, very audible silence from Defra, and no signs of any action to investigate!)
Dressed in silly costumes with their slaves/servants (terrier men) on quad bikes, with shovels to block badger setts or to dig foxes out, with terriers in boxes ready to flush foxes out, or throw bred/captive foxes to the pack.
Unfortunately the police for some unknown reason (although we can all fathom a guess!) appear disinterested in upholding the law, hence these sadistic murderers continue to stick two fingers up, and blatantly flout it, over and over again.
Recently, more and more reports of unprovoked vicious attacks by the hunt supporters against the activists, now seeming to be on a regular basis!
A pet cat having its face ripped open. Now this recent horrific attack on an elderly couple and their pet dog on a beach, on National Trust land.
Now that's another story! The Trust issue licences to hunts to allow these barbaric, murderous gangs of sadists, free access, on land they should be looking after on the Nation's behalf!
Complicit in the killing of foxes (and other wildlife) and the disingenuous use of public funds! Cowards and hypocrites!!
ALL hunting, trapping, snaring, shooting, must STOP!! COMPLETELY!!
They ALL inflict terrible pain and suffering on the victims.
We, the public, and the majority, (84% of the population) find fox-hunting abhorrent. We also find hunting of ALL wildlife abhorrent.
The law is an ass, and so is the Government for condoning this.
Hunting should be completely ABOLISHED.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,
is for good men to do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

And there are more good people out there than there are bad, and WE have had enough!!

We should demand a referendum.

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Venacy Payne
5 years ago
Please outlaw the Pytchley hunt & in fact all hunts, thought they were illegal

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Kevin Boarer
5 years ago
This barbaric behaviour must be stopped not promoted through the BBC

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Christine Polzin
5 years ago
stopt this massaker forever!save this animals, help this animals!

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louise bowler
5 years ago
I feel very strongly about this.

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sasha dalloway
5 years ago
It's evil. Would it be ok for a dog or cat to go through what a fox does?. Still an animal with a right to live safe!!!!!

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marg merone
5 years ago

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Michael Alexander Tottey
5 years ago
My God is this crazy barbarric nonsense still going on !!!

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Gerald Law
5 years ago
Pest control maybe required when undertaken humanly. Killing for fun (it is not a sport) only shows arrogance.