BBC - Cancel Plan To Charge Over 75s a TV Licence Fee

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The BBC is to go ahead with a plan to scrap free TV licences for most over 75s from 1st August. From this date, those who are not eligible to receive a pension credit will have to pay, that is estimated to be approximately 3 million over 75’s

Our pensioners deserve better. The BBC pledged, in an agreement with the U.K. Government, to maintain the free licence for over 75s in exchange for the ability to charge for some catch up services etc and the ability to increase the general licence fee.  They are now reneging on that agreement, and looking to prop up their failing funding system by making some of our most vulnerable people pay.

Pensioners are often those at home most, and reliant on their TV for both information, entertainment and company.  Loneliness is a growing issue in the U.K., affecting elderly people most, and their TV is often their only contact with the outside world.

The BBC MUST reverse this change, and look for other ways to either fund their service or make necessary cuts.  Pensioners cannot be expected to cover the cost.