Hold the BBC accountable for its programme "The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories"

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In 2016, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder which nearly cost me my life. I spent 7 months on a specialist eating disorder ward, relearning how to allow myself to eat without feeling guilty. This programme from Horizon and shown on BBC Two glamourises and encourages disordered eating by actively sanctioning purging via exercise and reinforcing the idea that food needs to be 'earned'.

The specialist eating disorder charity Beat was forced to extend the opening hours of its online support group due to an increase in demand related directly to the airing of this programme. The practices it promotes can be very damaging to people of all ages and it has been extremely triggering for many . Eating disorders are the deadliest psychiatric illnesses and exercise purging is a recognised symptom.

This programme is also airing whilst the whole country is in lockdown due to COVID 19 and it has been widely reported that many people are extremely vulnerable to poor mental health during this time. By airing this now, the BBC is using tax-payers' money to directly target and exploit those who are struggling by encouraging feelings of shame towards oneself. There are so many other, non-harmful ways to encourage a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle and this programme is not one of them. Quite frankly, this programme is absolutely disgusting in its encouragement of disordered eating and unhealthy psychological mindsets.

The aim of this petition is two-fold.

Firstly, we are calling upon the BBC to recognise that some aspects of this show are extremely harmful.

Secondly, we urge the BBC, Fred Sirieix and Dr Zoe Williams to donate at least some of the monies generated by this show to the charity Beat, as compensation for putting an already struggling charity under unnecessary strain.