Apologise for lying to viewers about overspending, deficit, structural deficit & borrowing

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The reason we have austerity is because the BBC have mislead people into believing deficits and structural deficits rarely occur. Also, they have promoted Conservative (my party's) propaganda that the last government overspent and borrowed too much by parrotting Tory sound bites. By not doing their job and never challenging Tory propaganda that Labour expenditure caused the recession but instead they have played along by parrotting the same tory sound bites and narratives. . I have listed the most parrotted Tory sound bites below by the BBC.  If the BBC carry on misleading people we will have austerity for ever and people can kiss the NHS, Welfare state and even Education bye bye - all before 2025. It will happen because the Tories are going to win a second term again with the help of the BBC. The BBC must do its job but first it has to make a public apology and give all the facts as stated below. If people were told the truth about the economy and basic economics ( how the recession and how the deficit increased) we would never have had austerity backed up by people who have had their brains washed by the BBC.

Also have no doubt David Dimbleby was told to parrot that Tory narrative about "overspending and borrowing year on year on year" when the facts show he has lied. I have complained about this and the BBC are doing everything to fob of thousand who have complained. Make them tell tell the truth and apologise no if no buts. The Tory Soundbites that the BBC have parrotted are:

1) Are you a deficit denyer?

We have had a deficit nearly every year since 1920. So yes there was a deficit just as there has been one for nearly every years since 1920.

2) When are you going to apologise for overspending?

What is overspending? Balanced budget have occurred very very rarely occurred since 1920. Does this mean we have been overspending since 1920? - Nonsense.

3) When are you going to apologise for having a deficit?

Again deficits have occurred in most years since records begans. This implies that they occur very rarely.

4) When are you going to apologise for having a structural deficit even in the run up the recession?

Again this implies structural deficits occur very rarely; when in fact structural deficits have occurred in nearly most years since records began in 1974 and even in boom times and in the run up to recessions. The Conservatives my party had 18 in 18 yrs so says the IMF. Hence we Tories had structural deficit in the run up to the three recession that occurred under our watch between 1979 - 1997

David Dimbleby said: for six years before the crash you increased borrowing year on year on year on year - (cherry picking facts) He said you were increasing the deficit. - Why choose only six why not choose the logical 1996/7 when they entered office to the start of the recession to measure  or calculate the change in borrowing, deficit and debt just before the recession 2007.

Dimbleby implies we have had balanced budgets or even surpluses in the past and UK government have never borrowed more than it earns - income. Nonsense all governments borrow but more importantly borrowings was cut by 32% between 1996/7 to 2007.

According to Treasury and ONS data collected by the OBR (2010 page 104)

1996/7 Labour inherited a structural deficit of - 2.2% & prior to the recession 2007 it was cut to - 0.4%, which is a huge cut of 82% Wow! RT

1996/7 Labour inherited a budget deficit of - 2.7% & by time of the recession 2007 it was cut to - 0.4%, which is a huge cut of 85% Impressive! RT

1996/7 Labour inherited a PSNB Borrowings of 3.4% & prior to the recession 2007 it was cut to 2.3% which is a cut of 32% RT

1996/7 Labour inherited a Debt of 42.5% & before 2007 it was cut to 36% which is a cut of 16% RT

Labour had the biggest structural deficit in the G7 in the run up to the recession 2006/7. Andrew Marr and others in the BBC.

This only occurred in 2012 when ONS revised the fiscal and national figures for 2006/7 Only then the figures for 2006/7 figure changed: 


As you can see the last government Labour inherited a deficit of -2.7%, borrowings of -3.4% , a structural deficit of  -2.2% and debt of 42.5%. They did not inherited balanced budget, borrowings and debt.

They have made out that overspending "created the deficit" not increased the deficit. When the truth is it was the recession; its basic schoolboy economics.
Put simply, every time an economy goes into recession it always automatically produces a higher budget deficit and conversely it produces a lower deficit or sometimes rarely even a surplus during a growth or boom period. The budget deficit worsens because as GDP declines; tax revenues decline too; consequentially expenditure automatically increases as the unemployment rate rises and as a result the budget deficit increases. The latter is the case with every recession and was the case around the world in 2008 triggered off by the global banking crises; it's basic schoolboy economics. 

If BBC staff do not know this then they need to retire without their pensions because they are doing a job but do not understand basic schoolboy economics or they are deliberately exploiting people's economic illiteracy because they know they can.

People should sign this because we have austerity and will continue to have austerity because the BBC endorsed Tory  deficit lies by parroting their narrative and soundbites 10000's of times. I tell you in all candor the only way for people to accept the Truth is if the BBC apologise for misleading the country; the facts are above. If we do not force them to apologise austerity will continue and you can kiss goodbye the NHS,  Welfare state, public services. The next five years we Tories will cause a mess and chaos in education by under funding it - hence provide the justification for American style privatisation of education. All because BBC staff do not want to pay the 50p tax rate. So sign it this is your last chance.