Leah Croucher search story to receive national coverage again

I'm signing this because it's absolutely disgraceful that the national media isn't willing to help this distraught Family every hour counts in a case of a missing loved one it shouldn't be money your worried about, the media is paramount because millions of people watch and you don't know who it could reach that might give an answer too Leahs mysterious and concerning disappearance, we together should come together or set up a separate nation news station for missing loved ones money can't buy everything and there's an offender out there who could strike again and if it was your loved one, well you wouldn't have to worry because you have the resources and power but what about those that don't #justiceforallmissingpeople they all deserve to have there story's told, by you not willing to could cost them there life and that isn't fair a very true slogan used by the missing People's charity "if your missing loved one was missing wouldn't you want the whole world to search them" and its concerning knowing someone's loved could disappear and may never get answers because the media refuses to help who do you turn to after that

Loren kelly, Swindon, United Kingdom
12 months ago
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