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Coming back of Dirk Gently with new seasons

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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is the best show ever. It shouldn't stop so quickly and the lack of audience with the second season isn't enough to decide to stop it.

When the last episodes were diffused, the end was announced. No results could be analysed and the "end" is just not tolerable. We know nothing yet about Dirk Gently, how it's going with Bart or with the Rowdy 3. The latest episode was talking about the discombobulated universe, and about the tools that were all the projects of Blackwing, meant to fix it. What about the new agency, and the new cases? What about all that? A lot of questions require answers and that means new seasons and new cases. I'm sure it is not a lack of ideas or of money, it is just idleness from BBC America. I'm also sure that Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood and Hannah Marks are as disappointed of the "ending" as the fans and want to restart the adventure.

In France, the whole show was accessible only a month ago on Netflix, and BBC America haven't take in account all the audience throughout America. 

There were no communication about the show and it is only on Netflix that I discovered it. I may not be the only one in this situation and certainly not the only fan to regret and to be insurgent about this. 

If nothing changes, a lot of people would be in mourning, because of the death of Dirk Gently. If you make new seasons, then I'm sure either Netflix or BBC America would not regret it and it would be the perfect solution for all of us. Everyone wants this next seasons. I hope that this call will be heard by all the fans of the holistic detective agency!

This is an official demand addressed to Netflix, and to BBC America: SAVE DIRK GENTLY AND START A SEASON 3 (and 4, and 5, and...), BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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