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Ace Adventures (Doctor Who Spin Off)

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After Sarah Jane Adventures finished and as Torchwood remains non-existent on our screens, we are left with no additional Doctor Who content, whilst Doctor Who is off air.

So my proposal is that we reunite the cast of Sarah Jane Adventures with Ace and make a show more in line with Torchwood (Due to the original viewers of SJA, now being close to adult ages). Within the series, we could have Torchwood be an associate of the group and help them to solve certain problems that they struggle to deal with themselves.

I think an older target audience would be more appealing, as it would allow us to see a dark, gritty side to Ace and would enable us to further relationships established in SJA. 

The opening episode should be a Dalek Invasion Of London scenario, with Ace whielding her baseball bat, trying to rescue SJA group who have been trapped within St Pauls Cathedral. In the first episode, she will be joined by Torchwood Three, who will ensure that Sarah Jane's Group is saved. It could be a good idea to use this episode to establish that Sarah Jane sacrificed herself to save her group, as this would honour Elizabeth sladen by providing her character with a strong and satisfying ending.

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