Revive Bayview Debate

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According to our school’s club handbook, the Bayview Debate Club reasonably fulfills all the criteria to bring safe and meaningful opportunities to students. However, our school administration is not allowing our club to run for the 2018-2019 school year.

In past years, we’ve had issues with liability, payments, and transparency that stemmed from trying to handle more than we were able to properly manage. We recognize the need to collaborate and make changes to our operations, which is only possible with the support of our principal and the administration.

Bayview Debate is planning to attend ONLY the Ontario Student Debate Union (OSDU) tournaments in the upcoming year. Having only these tournaments means logistics can be done many months in advance, and payment can be collected through board-approved methods such as SchoolCashOnline.

As for the university tournaments throughout the year, we will be asking students to attend these either independently or with third-party debate organizations.

For the following year, we pledge to run the club in an accountable and safe manner for students. With these changes, we believe that we deserve a chance to prove ourselves and mend relations with the administration and the student body.

We require support from the wider group of people that Bayview Debate has positively affected. This petition will be used to show parents and teacher alike that this club is more than a resumé title and that this club should be allowed to run.

 2018-2019 Plan Package:

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