Stop the Paid Parking Installation at Westfield Eastgarden!

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Westfield Eastgarden has received approval to introduce controlled paid parking. Everyone from the public and staff at the shopping centre will have to fork out up to 50+ on parking a week. 

The Eastgarden community has been proud of the fact that the Westfield has always been free to everybody since 1987 (21 Years), which has been a big help to the community. 

By introducing paid parking to everybody including staff will introduce discord in the area. 

Business will go down, customers will not shop at the centre, the public will park on private residents property and more dangerous situations will occur to the public and pedestrians as a result. 

The petition also supports the SDA Union who is trying to stop or minimise the cost for all staff at the centre, staff should not have to pay to park to work at the centre.

There is no train station at the centre or near it and buses only travel to the city. Buses and transport system altogether is at a discord at the moment and relying on it to run the centre will be a big problem. Staff have to drive to provide customer service to the customers at Westfield centre and should be excluded from any parking fees as a worker in Westfield Eastgarden.

The same goes for the public, there are over 3000 parking spaces and there has never been an issue at Eastgarden but due to paid parking, countless hazards and issues will arise.

In conclusion, Westfield Eastgarden (Scentre Group) needs to stop the installation of paid parking at the centre or the council needs to reverse its decision and stop the installation.

Once you’ve signed, contact this Australian Politician, Minister for Planning directly and encourage them to Stop the Paid Parking Installation at Westfield Eastgarden!



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