Stop Meriton Eastgardens and the plans to increase an already bad idea!

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Its hard not to notice the "over development disaster" that is being built in our community of south east Sydney. It was just announced today that an extra 1600 apartments are being planned taking the total to 4600.

20 storey apartments with little space between them, as well as minimal underground and street parking is a plan for a catastrophic disaster that the locals residents will have to deal with. Bayside Council's, Clare Harley has flagged many concerns including hight of the infrastructure, parking and public transport. It should also be noted that in its development plans Meriton have provided, they have made assumptions about the potential extension of the light rail service to the site - WHICH THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN!

With bigger housing targets pushed onto councils, set by the NSW State Government - who is to blame... Councillors? State Government? Or Developers?

With very little public transport in the area and infrastructure already struggling to keep up with the growth in the area, I ask you sign this petition today and to take back our suburbs! Lets take back our community and say NO to Meriton and their plans to increase an already bad idea...