Rowland Park - Proposed Playground Upgrade

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The local community is thrilled that the playground is getting an upgrade, however here are a few items that we’d like you to re-consider in your planning of Rowland Park Playground.

The playground is in very close proximity to two major primary schools. Namely, St Michael's and Daceyville Public School. St Michael's has a current DA pending review to expand the school and accomodate an additional 202 students. 

The playground is also used extensively by older children before and after sporting events at the adjoining sporting field.

There is a need and responsibility to cater to the unique needs of the older children in our community. The new plan lacks suitable options for older children and the senior play area is being severely overlooked.

The primary school aged children of our local community are sad to see the existing flying fox and other climbing elements of the playground go. Monkey bars and climbing elements are so important for their development and are great for both older and younger children by helping them develop strength, motor skills, vestibular senses, confidence and creativity.

The multi-level structure in the junior playground is a bit ordinary and we feel that Bayside council should incorporate a more modern and interesting piece of playground equipment.

The proposed see-saw is hardly a piece of play equipment which is considered of senior caliber in your plan. We’d like to see more high risk play options, a larger slide and the height of the climbing structure increased. Ideally, a flying fox and monkey bars (or similar) would also be incorporated into the senior play area.

An observation of play at the existing playground after school hours and on weekends will illustrate that the proposed equipment will fall short of the needs of the senior children.

The Children of the local community need a healthy amout of risk in play and age appropriate play options. I hope you consider this petition in your further planning.