Change the Mascot Station crossing to Pedestrian Lights

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Council taking steps to make changes!

I can’t believe we have over 550 supporters! What an achievement for the local community who want to see changes. 

I’ve been contacted by a member of Bayside Council. He informed me that there is an independent Traffic Committee who have been hired from a company called Bitzios Consulting. They will be reviewing all traffic in Mascot and apparently this crossing is prominent on the list!

This is great because it will hopefully resolve ALL pesky crossings and traffic problems in Mascot rather than just the worst one. However, it is a due process and may take a while. The review process is to wrap up in Feb 2019 and from there is presented to council and then voted on. This can take several months to get approved and more time before we actually have work on.

I’ll be in contact with council for more updates in the new year. 

Happy holidays everyone! Stay safe in and around Mascot Station. Let’s get this sorted before we have a fatality. 


Kirsty Backhausen
3 years ago