STOP THE SLOP - Our children need nutrients & our community want food education & change.

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Our children need nutrients & our community want food education. Together we can re-design the menus.

After twelve years as a sports parent in Bayside... The time has come. We must protest against the status quo. We must raise awareness of how healthy food will better nurture us.

Our children need nutrients. Our community of parents, teachers, volunteers and staff need food education. At local sporting clubs, fundraisers, schools and other community events... WE NEED TO STOP THE SLOP. We need to take charge and make the change... NOW! This is a health crisis.

A cheap bulk buy sausage in white bread is not lunch or dinner and is doing more harm than good. We know better as advanced humans. Our children need healthy FOOD not food POOP.

Cheap sausages in processed, refined white bread, cheap dim sims, greyish pink processed hot dogs, assortments of techno coloured lollies, big brand potato crisps, big brand meat pies, soft drinks full of sugar... Sound like a familiar, limited and poisonous menu?

Ashamed this has become Australian tradition? Ashamed we default to it because it's "cheap" and "easy" and what the other canteens are doing?

Sporting clubs are our grass roots. The events held there are where healthy lifestyle, well-being, fitness, community and goals are promoted. Let's start to STOP THE SLOP and re-think the menu.

Sign our petition and get Bayside City Council and local leaders and celebrities to support this cause.

Together let us review the expenses and decision making of the community canteens and redirect the choices to healthy food options for the betterment of our children's future.