Give Hank a Hand - Save Hank Marvin Royal Ave Sandringham!!

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Hank Marvin Royal ave Sandringham has been with us for the past 3 months on a weekly basis, we love it so and want it to stay here on a regular basis. As it stands the last market will be held THIS Sunday 23 June, so we need your help to try and bring this market back to Royal ave Sandy as quickly as possible. 

The Hank Marvin market is a fantastic initiative that brings together community in a wonderful family friendly environment and in this day and age, it is exactly what we need more of.


1. Sign and Comment on this Petition. All comments will be sent/presented to Council, so please take this opportunity to share you positive thoughts on why the market should come back permanently on a weekly basis.  

3. SHARE this on facebook and any social platform. We need the power of social to take this petition to the next level.  

2. Follow the link here to express your support directly to Council. Each email sent directly to council from a bayside resident makes such a huge impact.