Abolish proposal of Amendment C140


Abolish proposal of Amendment C140

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We the undersigned hereby petition Bayside City Council to abolish proposal of Amendment C140


Implementation of Amendment C140 would be a detrimental addition to the Bayside City Council residential planning guidelines, setting a dangerous precedent to other municipalities.

 The proposed amendment:

1. Does not encourage design and planning of high quality affordable dwellings.

2. Restricts sustainable design and population growth in the Bayside area.

3. Reduces opportunities for affordable Bayside living to people of all age groups.

4. Creates confusion and uncertainty within the planning and building construction industry as a result of constant legislation change.

5. Is detrimental to the local economy.

 Quality Affordable Dwellings

Amendment C140 would severely limit new subdivided home developments in the Bayside area that are essential for providing additional high quality housing for Melbourne's ever-expanding population. An under supply of subdivided housing in the area would only serve to encourage inflated 'speculative' pricing.

 Land values in the Bayside area are at an all-time high, making it less affordable for investors and developers to acquire lots in excess of the 800m2 minimum necessary for subdivision to be permitted under Amendment C140. In addition there is a rather small quantity of available lots in the Bayside area that have an area measuring greater than 800m2.

 The changes to minimum private open space (POS) requirements proposed in Amendment C140 are also of great concern.  With the increases to minimum POS space, developers may need to resort to construction of underground garages in place of common drive-ways, in order to maximise subdivided dwelling footprints. This will result in significant increases in construction costs which would have massive impact on affordability of new Bayside property.

 An increase in minimum required areas of permeability proposed by Amendment C140 may further serve to increase construction and maintenance costs.

 Sustainable Living

Restricting in-fill land development encourages construction of unsustainable, oversized single dwellings in the Bayside area.

 Large homes require vast material resources to construct and maintain, as well as significant requirements of gas, water and electricity for utility purposes once occupied.

 Implementation of Amendment C140 is likely to encourage construction of homes larger than 350-400m2 which would be far too excessive and unnecessary for typical Bayside households that consist of small families and couples.

 Affordable Bayside Living

Amendment C140 would severely limit new lot subdivision in the Bayside area, resulting in fewer opportunities for young professionals and people of retirement age to enter the Bayside property market.

 Young professionals prefer smaller subdivided, low-maintenance property which is far more affordable than the type of housing development that would be encouraged by Amendment C140.

Likewise, people of retirement age often desire to downsize to smaller, more manageable affordable properties in established suburbs; Opportunities for retired buyers would be significantly curbed by the implementation of the proposed amendment.


Confusion and Uncertainty

Local residents, investors and developers are still struggling to adjust to major regulation changes introduced in mid-2014 (Amendment C106) and are now faced with the burden of the proposed Amendment C140 which will further restrict in-fill development.

 Constant alterations and amendments to the planning regulations - like Amendment C140 - hinder long-term planning and discourage investment in planning development of the Bayside area. Development of our local community would be better benefited by a stable and predictable residential planning code.

 Local Economy

The implementation of Amendment C140 would be detrimental to the local Bayside community.

Stagnation of in-fill residential development encouraged by Amendment C140 would severely limit employment opportunities for builders, architects, planners and trades people, many of whom reside and work in the local Bayside area.

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