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Shut Down Pet World - Bayshore

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Pet World has a long history in Ottawa’s Bayshore Shopping Centre, but they also have a history of mistreating their animals. This is even more apparent now during these difficult times through Covid-19 lockdowns. These innocent animals should not have to bear the pain of these confusing  times. 

Over the years, customers have noticed issues with the stores. Here are just a few examples of issues going on in the stores. 
- Cages holding full litters of dogs and cats kept unclean with only paper shreds to keep them comfortable. 
- Their birds are placed in cages far too small to share among at least two other birds. 
- The rabbits they sell are sold far too young (under 8 weeks), and are not being fed their required diet which consists of 80% hay, pellets 10% and 10% vegetables. Pet World feeds the rabbits no hay. 
- Pet World purchases animals from puppy mills for their profit. 
- The fish tanks are not usually kept very clean. 
- Cats, dogs and rabbits are usually left without water in their cages. 
- Customer service is always horrible and employees are usually very limited in their knowledge of animals and how to care for them. 

Through Covid-19, these conditions have only become worse for these innocent animals. All these animals remain in the store. Only once a day for a minimum of 2 short hours are these animals being checked on. For the remainder of the day they are to sit in the pitch black alone with nobody to ensure they are safe. This store has been closed since December 26. All these animals have been hardly cared for, for 40 days (as of February 4 2021). 

A reminder that Pet World has already been asked to leave by both St. Laurent Mall along with Carlingwood Mall for these sorts of conditions. Bayshore Shopping Centre should be next to rid of this horrible store. Please consider signing to help better the innocent lives of so many animals. 

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