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Liebe Unterzeichner, Wir sind überwältigt von dem Zuspruch, den unsere Petition durch Euch erfährt: in gerade einmal 10 Tagen über 1500 Unterschriften! Wir wissen aber auch, daß wir noch viel mehr Unterschriften benötigen werden, um beim Ministerium Gehör zu finden. Bitte werdet daher nicht müde, die Petition zu verbreiten - vielen herzlichen Dank! Begeistert sind wir auch von den zahlreichen Unterstützern aus dem Ausland. Eine Vogelfreundin hat die Petition daher ins Englische übersetzt - der Text hängt unten an. Für einen Erfahrungsaustausch erreicht Ihr uns unter Dear signers, We are very pleased and excited by the support you are giving us, especially by the encouragement in foreign countries. We have therefore translated the petition into English, so you can pass it on to friends and relatives. Thank you very much for your help! To the Bavarian Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry Stop 5 1/2 months of uncontrolled hunting of geese, revoke the new hunting season regulations! Greatly extended hunting season endangers geese and other water birds! The Bavarian hunting season for Greylag and Canada Geese has been greatly extended and a hunting season for Egyptian Geese has been introduced; all three species can now be shot regularly from August 1 through to January 15, so for almost half a year. This without objectives or specifications of numbers to be shot. However, in the past, there was never any evidence provided to show that hunting was conducted with particular goals with respect to the regulation of goose populations – especially when it was the only means used. Hunting of what are assumed to be the local populations of geese in late summer would at best be justified if this gave the migratory birds better protection. Germany is even obliged under EU law to do this, but it will not be achieved with the new hunting season regulation. In addition to the migratory birds, the goose hunting also greatly disturbs and endangers a multitude of water birds such as various ducks and divers that moult on our lakes until well into September. Many of them, like the geese, cannot fly while their wing feathers are being replaced. This also applies to the Canada and Egyptian Geese, whose young are learning to fly in August while the adult birds are completing the replacement of their wing feathers and are only just fully able to fly again. The signatories of the petition demand: Immediate revocation of the new hunting season regulation until an assessment of environmental sustainability has shown that this does not affect the maintenance of the local and European water bird populations. General prohibition of the hunting of water birds from October to November to protect migratory birds. Hunters to keep a minimum distance of 300 meters from moulting sites to protect moulting birds. Abolition of a hunting season for Greater White-Fronted Geese, Bean Geese and Brent Geese. These species occur very rarely as migratory birds in Bavaria; Brent Geese hardly ever occur and overall their numbers are declining; in the case of the Greater White-Fronted Geese there is a risk they will be mistaken for the endangered Lesser White-Fronted Geese, and in the case of Bean Geese there is a risk that the rare Pink-footed Geese and Taiga Bean Geese will be shot. Permission to hunt geese at the earliest from August 15 after the geese have finished moulting, and only in areas where management plans regulate the numbers to be shot and suitable protection areas for geese have been identified and implemented.. Support our demands to protect local water birds, birds that come here in the moulting season and migratory birds. Sign now and pass the petition on to friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much in the name of our natural environment and all those who want to enjoy it. Further information (in German) at

Interessengruppe Wasservögel
8 years ago