Stop the Unnecessary Traffic Light Proposal in Bay Hills

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Anne Arundel County is proposing to install a traffic light at our neighborhood entrance in response to some complaints of speeders and texting drivers on Shore Acres Road.  Aside from the fact that the proposed traffic light at the intersection of Bay Hills Drive and Shore Acres Road would not deter people from driving aggressively or distracted, it would have tangible negative effects on our neighborhood.  First off, the crossing guard at Broadneck Elementary who helps keep the children safe during school opening and closing goes away when the proposed traffic light is erected.  Beyond the drivers who will speed to beat a yellow light or execute a rolling right turn on red while looking left, we will have more cars parking in front of our homes and driveways during Broadneck Elementary events (due to Shore Acres being converted to a two-lane road leading up to the light) and depreciating values of our homes due to the urbanization of our neighborhood.  I would rather our taxpayer money go to a proven method of deterrence: traffic law enforcement.  The traffic guard does a phenomenal job of keeping the intersection safe and the traffic moving efficiently during school opening and closing.  The other times of the day there is not enough traffic to warrant a traffic light.  If you agree that a traffic light is not the proper solution, please join me in signing this petition to Anne Arundel County.  Thank you!