Bay County Please Remove Dangerous Dog Designation for Rescue Dog Marley

Bay County Please Remove Dangerous Dog Designation for Rescue Dog Marley

July 2, 2016
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Started by Please Help Marley

Meet Marley, a dog from war torn Afghanistan who became friends with more than a dozen soldiers, and albeit is a little skiddish around guns.

In 2011, Johnothan Jones, decided to take him home with him to Florida, where Marley found what he hadn't had nearly his entire life, a home filled with love.

However, an incident that happened over a year ago, is threatening to end that, and even worse, to end Marley's life and freedom.

The incident involved two young boys playing cops and robbers, with a mask and toy gun, but Marley didn't know the difference and sprang into action attacking the "assailant."  

Not long after the incident the same boy came over again and Marley jumped on his back after the two were wrestling for a dog toy.  

After nearly a year in an animal shelter, Marley was released back to his family but was now deemed a dangerous dog.   With this designation comes insurance and several other adjustments and strict guidelines.  

Most recently in late October 2016, Marley was sleeping with his owners and a child came up from behind the dog and spooked him.  Marley snapped and grazed the child.  This is called startle reflex and is not deemed as aggressive.

From the start, the county has been critical of the owner and the dog.  At one point they even questioned the owner's military background.   They don't seem too interested in looking at the facts in this case either.  Why?  Well if we examine all of the facts, we will see that Marley was merely protecting a family member.  Guess what?  The law is on Marley's side, but the statute is not being enforced.  So that makes us wonder, why is it being ignored.

767.12(b) A dog shall not be declared dangerous if the threat, injury, or damage was sustained by a person who, at the time, was unlawfully on the property or, while lawfully on the property, was tormenting, abusing, or assaulting the dog or its owner or a family member. No dog may be declared dangerous if the dog was protecting or defending a human being within the immediate vicinity of the dog from an unjustified attack or assault.

This entire ordeal has been a waste of taxpayer money and failure to look at and examine the facts.  Instead, the focus has been negative towards the veteran and his rescued dog.  The dangerous dog ordinance needs to go.  Plain and simple.  The county must follow the dangerous dog laws, and they are in Marley's favor.  

I urge all veterans and fellow Americans to take a stand on this matter.  People can not turn their heads on the law.

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This petition had 218,835 supporters

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