Get Jacob Langston off the street.

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My daughter was brutally attacked while sleeping in her bed around 4 am Saturday morning by a 26 year old man who had been watching her. He broke in through her living room window and covered her face with his boxers, he threatened to kill her when she woke up, then beat her to a pulp trying to make her pass out so he could rape her. He fractured her face. She just got off the Appalachian trail so she is in great shape and was able to uncover his face at which point he began to cowar down. He knew her name, she did not know his. This took place in Panama City Beach, Florida. The Bay County Sherriffs Department had two men come talk to her, cut her fingernails and look at her body. That was the first mistake. The police report is a joke. The attacker is the son and grandson of law enforcement. They released the attacker in less than 24 hours after the attack but didn't post it until a public outcry on Facebook. He is a very violent man and the local authorities are trying to sweep this under the rug quickly. They have allowed him to leave the state even though more women are coming forward with the same scenario. They are looking the other way! The attacker also has an immediate family member who has worked DOC for 27 years. Thank you for your support! I want to get BCSO to press proper charges against him and get him off the street now. 

#Momonamission #justiceforhali