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Expulsion For School Aged Children Who Encourage Others To Commit Suicide

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Bullying and harassment in our schools, directed towards our children, is getting out of control. If a child encourages another child at school to commit suicide etc., they should be held accountable and at the very least, they should be expelled from school. Our School System is allowing these kids who bully, harass, and encourage our children to commit suicide, to remain in school with the same children that they are encouraging to kill themselves, even after one or more reports of harassment, persuasion to commit suicide, etc. Parents are having to completely pull their children out of school due to such things, while the "bullies" continue to attend school, seemingly unbothered. Our childrens emotional/mental wellbeing and LIVES are at stake and there's nothing we can do about it? I think not. We are pushing for expulsion for these student who are attempting to persuade other students to commit suicide, after the FIRST report. NO SECOND CHANCES. If evidence is shown, action should be immediately taken and the student should be EXPELLED. Our children should not have their mental/emotional health jeopardized while simply going to school. The consequences have not been harsh enough! Our children are at a delicate age. We have to be their voice! We are our children's advocates. We are their voices. Silence the bullies. What if it was your child?

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