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Remove Rebecca Watson from Bay Area Science Festival Program.

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Rebecca Watson recently participated in the doxxing of Dr. Eliza Sutton and tagged her employer, UW Medicine, in a public twitter campaign to harass Dr. Sutton. Comprimising the safety of a woman by posting her personal details and targetting her employer are unacceptable behaviour and not representitive of how science communicators want to see women treated online.

Ms. Watson used her Skepchick platform to send readers to a blog by PZ Myers which posted the personal information of Dr. Eliza Sutton, to encourage their audience to harass Dr. Sutton.

We ask that Bay Area Science Festival join in having zero tolerance for bloggers using their platform to harass and place women in danger via online attacks. This is only the most recent example of Watson's exploitation of the science communication community to give her a voice and platform to harrass women she disagrees with. But this act alone is enough to warrant a stand against doxxing and encouraging followers to abuse an individual.

DON'T support Rebecca Watson. DON'T give her an audience at Bay Area Science Festival.

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