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Please spare a minute for a small town that is being BULLIED by 4 GREEDY MEN. Longwarry Sales Yard can NOT go ahead.

They are planning to build right on top of family homes. People have worked very hard for their dream home and now someone is going to completely destroy their lives. These are young children, retirees and good honest people this will affect. There is a primary school in this small town and 4 money hungry men who want to build the Longwarry Sales Yard on top of homes do NOT CARE! The air / water will be polluted to the surrounding homes. They will have constant wet slushy land which will make things impossible. Children will wake every morning and go to sleep every night to the disgusting smell of sewage. There will be noise all hours of the day and NIGHT from either cattle or trucks.

The more people we let know the more this small town won’t be alone in this fight!!!